"Let Go Of Pain In 5 Easy Stages"

Discover the Amazing Natural Attraction Secrets You Can Use to Gain Almost Instant Relief from Your Pain and Experience True Deeper Healing and Joyful Awakening!

Dear Friend

If you are frustrated with not being able to achieve inner peace and satisfaction and do the things that most of us take for granted, like casual walks in the park, running for a bus and getting in and out of a chair without groaning, then this may be the most important message you will ever read …

Here’s the story: I suffered for years with chronic fatigue and persistent backache which severely limited my life and left me pretty damned miserable I can tell you. Yet it ultimately served me well in a funny kind of way.

Pain gets our attention!
It is calling us to free ourselves

I believe that chronic pain comes from holding back or repressing our natural right to be joyful. Now I am free of this pain and living a full and enjoyable life. And what’s more, I’m fully convinced that anyone can duplicate my success and magnetically draw vibrant health to them no matter how much pain they happen to be in right now. I have so much to share with you beginning with my upcoming Let Go Of Pain Mastery series starting on Wednesday 20th April 2011

Return to an ACTIVE lifestyle
Healthy is your Natural State of Being
Do All the Things You Want To Do
Eliminate Negativity and Feel Incredibly Light Hearted
So What am I Offering Exactly?

I’m here to guide you to discover and follow your own trail back to good health and happiness, to find quick relief AND to work through whatever issues might be underlying your pain so you can open to a vibrant and healthy life that springs from a free flowing place of inner peace and joy.

In this 6-part weekly Mastery series you will:

  • Learn step-by-step, the basic action secrets I use to get immediate relief from any kind of physical and emotional pain whenever it arises
  • Discover how to tap into your natural attraction to health and happiness and magnetically draw towards you vibrant health and true joy
  • Learn why the myths you’ve been told by doctors often fail to deliver and sometimes make things worse
  • Discover the true nature of unresolved pain and how you can use your resistance to set you free
  • Discover the hidden saboteurs that can block your success and use a ‘subtle’ test to read little known signals to make sure you are on the right track
  • Understand your core needs and challenges and unearth your own powerful inner resources
  • How to follow the trail  to your “return to health and happiness” program
  • Understand how to have power and control over your health and happiness outcomes
  • Share and learn valuable information, tips and real life examples to support your journey
  • Join in real live demonstrations and have your most pressing questions answered
  • Be able to tap into a system at will for converting pain, limiting beliefs and negative emotions into joy, expansive beliefs and abundant living
What if the Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions
About Health and Happiness
Were Literally at Your Fingertips?

The same ‘answers’ known by the spiritual masters … what would that level of awareness mean for you and your overall level of satisfaction?

Are you ready to uncover the map to your own unique and vibrantly healthy life’s direction?

Are you ready to use your intuition to guide your choices, to learn to trust yourself and be able to let go of struggling with poor health, pain, inner turmoil and depression? Life is too short!

By the end of this 6 part Mastery series you will have learned some empowering new methods of dealing with physical and emotional pain and learn to make new decisions that are true, authentic and supportive of your deepest dreams.

You can have power and control over all of your health and happiness outcomes for life. I can show you a way out of being stuck or challenged by pain and you will come away from this mastery program knowing exactly what you need to move your life forward in a way that works best for you.

Imagine the feeling – every time you come across a self-worth issue or some inner conflict or whenever turmoil sends your body into pain manifestation just simply being able to follow the steps – a simple ‘connect-the-dots’ formula for creating vibrant health and happiness. Did you know that it is a lot harder to be sick than to be well? And that if you continue to follow the same old methods of dealing with pain in your life you will continue to get the same results!

This Is What People Are Saying About Joy

“Dear Joy

“I very much enjoyed your teleseminar on “letting go of pain” this evening. Although I was feeling a little unsure about it at first, I agreed to ‘follow along’ with you as I have been suffering tension pain in my legs due to poor circulation.

“After only two rounds of this exercise during your teleseminar I was amazed to find the tension pain had gone. The first time I’ve ever had any relief from this. It has often kept me awake at night. So I am definitely going to use what you have taught me and I am looking forward to learning more. It is an amazing technique.”

Angie Wallis, Brentford, Middlesex


“Joy is an amazing woman.

“She has a tremendous ability to support people in breaking free of things that may be holding them back so that they can live happy and fulfilled lives. She is a compassionate, loving, generous and wise spirit. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

“Live Life On Purpose”



“Joy’s work has touched me very deeply. She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, which made it easier for me to open up to the processes. Through her work I managed to get in touch with aspects of myself I had not explored before, which helped me experience them in a more conscious and aware way.

‘Some of the work she does has also given me handy day to day tools, which help me to balance myself in difficult situations. I am very grateful for having Joy in my life.”

Kallina - Sofia, Bulgaria


“At a recent event I told Joy that I’d had a bad back for about a week and the pain was excruciating and the painkillers I was taking were barely taking the edge off it. Joy offered to work with me there and then and knowing Joy’s success with deeper work, I trusted her completely and agreed.

“She explained what the technique involved and continued by taking me through a process of releasing emotions through pressure points – ultimately releasing my “need” for the pain.

“After approx. 10 minutes with Joy I noticed a vast improvement – on a scale of 1 to 10 the pain had gone from an off the scale 10 plus down to a manageable 2 and I was able to sit back comfortably in my seat and enjoy the rest of the event.”

M. Dillane, London, UK
So What’s The Cost To You For This
Incredible Breakthrough Program?

Anyone suffering from long term medium to chronic pain can tell you that they could end up spending thousands on medications, remedies and treatments to alleviate their suffering in just one year.

And what about the value of lost quality time with family and of living an active carefree life. What value is that over a lifetime?

How much have you already spent on:

  • Doctors visits
  • Prescriptions and medication
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Lost time and money from work
  • Trying out 100′s of alternative remedies and treatments
  • Coping with it all emotionally

What I charge is tremendous value in comparison and the problem with conventional medicine is that it only deals with what you are supposed to do on the outside. Yet in working with clients over the last 20 years I have found that good health and well-being is much more to do with what is happening on the inside and so only applying outer remedies won’t necessarily fix it.

What is A Pain Free and Happy Life Worth to You?

  • Are you really happy with the state of your health and level of happiness?
  • Are you letting Stress and Pain dictate how you live your life?
  • Are you ready to work from the inside out?

Take the wise decision to invest precious time and money in your most important resource … YOU AND YOUR FUTURE! I look forward to welcoming you to my Mastery program for changing stress and pain into vibrant and lasting health and happiness.

Your total investment for this incredible 6 part Mastery series …

Let Go of Pain and Get Your Life Back

is just £150 if you order now (or just 3 easy payments of £60 per month for three months). I think you’ll agree that this is truly a bargain for someone who is serious about living a life free from pain and claiming our natural right to inner peace, joy and happiness.

NB. This Mastery program is not for everyone. The secrets I am about to reveal to you are only for people who really want to live an abundant life of vibrant health and happiness

Watch out for the special extra bonus I am giving for the first 5 people to sign up.

A free personal consultation, itself worth more than the price of the whole program, specifically working on an issue of your choice, on the spot, over the telephone, helping you locate the core problem with pinpoint accuracy, working out the right questions to ask… and more.

The benefits you’ll reap as a result of learning these simple yet powerful techniques just in terms of saving money alone are incredible

Can you put a cost on the priceless freedom of living without the crippling effects of pain?

Now you have this incredible opportunity at your fingertips waiting for you to grab it and go.

So What’s the Catch?

Why Am I Practically Giving it Away?

Well, it’s really quite simple. Since I usually offer my services on a one-to-one basis at an average of £195 per session, now that I am able to teach a whole bunch of you at once I am getting more money for my hour so I can afford to pass some of it back to you. That way we both benefit. I get more for my hour and you pay less. Is that a good deal or what? You win and I win.

Please note: The number of people I can have on this course is strictly limited because I want to be able to work with you in some depth to make sure it is working for you

Our intention is to bring this program to a wide international audience, and so all events and Tele-Classes will be recorded and distributed at our sole discretion.

You are very welcome to simply listen, or to participate live, whichever you prefer. By registering for this Tele-Class, you are indicating that you understand and are aware that the event is being recorded and that the recordings will be distributed, and you are consenting to this recording.

So Are You Ready to Create a Happier Pain-Free Life?

Don’t risk being left out. Well, let’s get started!

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